What would trigger my email list bounce rate to be so high?

What would trigger email list my bounce rate to be so high?

There are a few things that can have a big impact on your bounce rate. Here are some concerns you’ll want to ask yourself to help determine the reason of a high bounce rate:

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Was my email list formatted correctly before it was uploaded?

If your list is not set up properly in your .txt, .csv or .xls file prior to being published into Benchmark Email, then you may see more, if not all, of your contacts return as “bounces.” Check to ensure that website names are spelled correctly and that each email address is separated into one contact each. There are occasions when email details have quotation markings on one side of the address but not on the other (“[email protected]), causing the file to try and press everything on that line into one column. If you discover this to be your trouble, a quick search online can help give you tips to answer your file issues.


Is my list permission-based?

Have you utilized this list prior or is this the first time? If, throughout the first mailing to the list, you discover a number of addresses returning as “bounces,” it may be due to how the addresses were collected. If your list was compiled from several different sources without verification that the addresses were valid, it could be that several of the contacts are false and only placed on a list that is sold, leased or harvested. To prevent a high bounce rate, and to stay within the limitations placed by your email marketing system in relationship to contact lists, please review what it means to have a permission-based contact list.


How old is my list?

One explanation email addresses bounce is because they are no longer valid. It may be that the contacts on your list have since shut down those email addresses and transferred on to newer ones. If this is the case, there isn’t much you can accomplish. Those connections are no longer active, and have become unreachable. Staying in scheduled contact with your customers will help keep you vibrant in their views on your company. If you do this correctly, without oversending or irritating your subscribers with irrelevant contact, then when they do alter email addresses, they will keep in mind to sign up their new address with your company or firm.

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